Thursday, May 9

{{ blog every day in may }} day nine

a short post today as the weather is appalling, wind, rain and coldness that chills the bones which makes keeping track of these expectant mama sheep all the more tricky...
 especially now they have worked out how to escape the maternity field and run amok over acres and acres...
needless to say i am walking a great deal this week..

so my thoughts on social media?
living remotely as i do and having the job of caring for animals i rarely see folk except the delivery chaps bringing gifts for our rescue charity purchased by kindly folk from our 
amazon wish list and the RSPCA inspectors dropping off the forlorn and wounded...

so for me facebook, twitter and this little blog of mine are jolly important..
i get to chat with family and friends and share daily pictures, form new friendships that i value greatly and generally have a good old nosey around folks houses via their pics...

social media and all of you, yes you, are a jolly important part of my days..
... i think i would be a little lost and a whole lot loopier without you
 so thank you for being around - truly xxx


  1. I am a reader in Zurich, and I value social media (facebook particularly; I do not have a blog of my own but I love reading blogs from people all over the world). FB helps me to stay in touch easily with friends back in the States.

    I am so glad you are blogging daily for May -- these posts are from the heart and interesting. Thanks for taking the time out of your very busy lifestyle.

    and thanks for what you do for animals.

    By the way, this is a lovely image of pretty flowers and containers :-)

  2. What a lovely post. The feeling is mutual though. I completely love looking into your world and hearing about you and your lovely animals so thank you for taking the time to share.


  3. Heeellllooooooo!!!! I found your reply in the comments, thank you :) No I haven't a blog I'm just a reader but I have followed you since Cupcakes at Home, making the move to Scotland etc. I'm going to send my original comment to your email as I know I'm just being nosey, but just wanted you to know that, apart from loving your animals I've enjoyed your delicious craft and following your journey from 'sunny' Kent. :) Take care xxxxx

    1. oh no i think my email address is wrong on here - hold on with your message and i will get it changed!!!
      so rubbish at computer tasks :) x


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