Friday, August 9

all is quiet...

today the gentle sway of my life has fallen back in to place, the quietness that wraps itself around me for hours and feels like a warm safe comfort blanket, normality. calm..

i loved having my home filled with love and laughter but now it has gone i also realise how much i love the silence, the sounds of the animals going about there daily chores drifting in through the open windows..
no neighbours, no traffic, just us..

i am blessed to live this life 

but i am still counting down the days until the happy noise returns...

darling sweet annabelle i miss you so very much
come back to the forest soon


  1. Beautiful baby ... I've just read your last post too. Enjoy the peace and quiet that getting back to normal brings ...

    Have a lovely weekend

    Love Claire xxx

  2. How come I never came across ypu blog before. I love that you live in a farm and you rescue animals...pretty much what I do too, even if the farm I live in is not mine. I'll be back soon, because I love goats.


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