Saturday, August 10

surprisingly good yarn...

with family here it was the perfect excuse to take a few day trips out and about to see what we could see..
one place that is very close to home that i had yet to get round to visiting was the bustling town of Skipton..
it was market day so very very busy which made it a little tricky with the pushchair and as we had a time limit due to other errands that had to be run our visit was too short to truly appreciate all that the town has to offer..

i have plans to go back as soon as i can though as the yarn i picked up for £1 per 100gram ball is actually rather lovely!

my days of buying gorgeous hand spun, hand dyed luxury yarns are long in the past and anything that i make that has to live in this house and working farm has to be sturdy and above all else washable so the cheaper yarns do seem to fit the bill nicely.

i have purchased various types from ebay ranging from £3 to £4 per ball and have been disappointed so in all honesty i was a little sceptical as to what a £1 ball would actually make up as ...

but by jove i am pleased...

softer than any i have used before and it does not even have the dreaded squeak that you get with so many acrylic yarns..

i have started a crochet stripe blanket which is so very very easy and anyone who is new to crochet would find this a good place to start..
i would suggest popping over to this marvellous gals blog as Lucy truly does have the most amazing, well thought out and beautifully explained tutorials i have seen on the web..

yes indeedy i am delighted with my newly acquired cheaper than chips yarn so i think i may have to take a jolly yarn buying trip back to Skipton to purchase enough to make this cardy in time for Autumn..

the year is tick tick ticking along..

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  1. Skipton is one of my most favourite places. I had high hopes of living and teaching there which never came to fruition but I still love it there very much. Hoping to try to get up for Yarndale in September with my mummy - are you going? X


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