Sunday, August 18

and then there were 1200 more...

before this week i could not imagine what 1200 hens would look like, especially not in our lower barn, i honestly thought they would never all fit in...

what on earth would we do if they did not, how loud would it be if they all did the happy egg laying cheer at the same time, how could we protect them all from harm???
so, so many questions and fears..

..and then they arrived

in two batches in the early hours of two mornings just as it was getting light..
crammed tightly in horrid travelling containers, full of fear...

quickly as possible they were removed and placed in a dry barn with food and water..
a safe home at last

freedom from the confines of the so called free range farm industry which in reality is hardly an improvement on the life of a battery hen..

why does this county allows hens to be treated this way, as a commodity to fulfill our greed for yet more food, seen as a food making machine rather than the living creatures they actually are...

no care, no respect, and then at the end piled into a room full of thousands of other abused hens and slowly gassed to death..

makes you think...

but these hens, these 1200 gals are here with us now.. safe as we can make them, feed and water as and when they need it but more importantly space - lots of space - to roam and investigate..

walls to climb

puddles to jump in

sun to bathe in

adventures to be had..

they have so so much to learn, how to eat grass, scratch and forage for insects and above all else to be free souls.
as they should be.
with absolutely no pressure on them to lay an egg each and every day..
these girls can do as they please for the rest of their natural lives..
all we ask is that they go in to the secure barn each and every night so that we are not left worrying about them..

spending time with them is both a total joy as they stare up at you in disbelief as you chat to them, and totally and utterly depressing when you think that these 1200 are just the tip of the iceberg..

they are the lucky ones this week
thousands and thousands of other girls with faces just like these have not had the same luck at all..

my advice?
be very careful where you buy your eggs from...


  1. You never fail to surprise me with your amazing generosity. 1200 is a mighty amount of souls to save, and an awful lot to feed. Keep popping things in your shop, I will be looking to buy soon. Regards Karan xx

  2. what on earth are you going to do with them and the eggs that will surely come your way?

  3. So many lady hens! I can't wait to meet them. And you my dear are a superb soul. x

  4. wow, you are doing such great things. Never doubt yourselves, these hugely challenging tasks only ever land on the doorsteps of those gifted people who are able to deal with them. Stand tall, sniff the fresh air and be kind to yourselves, no matter what happens in the life of these girl chicks it is already 10000 times better than these hens ever thought possible. Well done x

  5. .very lucky girls indeed. What will you do with all the eggs they will lay? Sell them to help the charity and pay for their keep?

  6. Oh what gorgeous photos! and what very lucky hens indeed. Its so lovely to see them settling in, exploring and relaxing, perfect! Its terrible that you cant really trust what egg farms write on the packaging, its so misleading and it should be against the law in my opinion. Well done you for saving these lucky ones! xxx

  7. What a marvellous story and such a happy ending for these lucky girls! I do know what you mean about the depressed look in their eye, and how they don't know how to react to grass and other things taken for granted by chickens allowed to roam ... we got 3 rescue hens a few years ago, Florence is still going strong, but is retired now and no longer lays. I don't suppose they have names ... ?

    Love Claire XXX

  8. Looks like hen-ven... so is it omelette for tea? EE xx

  9. Lucky souls to be living with you Tracy. Wish I could have some to go with our girls xx

  10. Not only do we need to consider where our eggs come from but also remember that foods containing eggs are unlikely to be made with cruelty free eggs. I'm so grateful to you for giving those gorgeous ladies a wonderful life. XXX

  11. Oh well done for saving the tip of the iceberg. They are so beautiful.

  12. oh my goodness...i am in total awe!! x


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