Wednesday, August 14


oh beautiful, beautiful belle...

a rather late lamb that had a difficult arrival in to the world on the very saturday that my darling niece  annabelle came to stay.. 

of course no other name would do..

and now my niece at the grand age of seven months has the start of her very own flock...

could she be a shepherdess like her auntie...


  1. She has the makings of one.:-D
    How is the lamb who popped out ejen we visited? Baby Jesus! Surely there won't be any more woolly arrivals.x

  2. Oh how
    loverly.xxxx :) :)

  3. I just want to give dear wee lamby Belle big cuddles and kisses!!!! It looks so pretty at your place. We have a dank day with clouds and drizzle aplenty.


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