Monday, August 12


cynthia is not your most typical squirrel...

for on the great blustery day of July the 24th dear cynthia squirrel lost her most beloved home when a particularly gusty gust blew the tree down that her house perched within..

she lost a great many things that day including the picture of her lost love roger that sat in a polished acorn frame ...

but dearest cynthia is not one to worry and mope for she is made from stern stuff and is from a long line of 
* hopeful*  grey squirrels..

for you see her own dear great great grandmother survived the great storms of 1987 when other less *hopeful* squirrels perished, and as for cynthia's own mama... lets just say she was a trooper...

for now cynthia has set up camp in a long forgotten outside lavvy which does not suit her at all for it is made of stone and more than a little damp and is also home to a family of hedgehogs with chav like tendencies..

so a plea is being sent out today for a new abode..

can you offer dearest cynthia a new home to call her own?

she is spending her days before returning home to the rowdy hedgehogs,  perched upon my dusty etsy shelf clutching all her **hope* within an old cotton reel ..

do take a peek for you may just like dearest cynthia rather a lot...

**** dearest cynthia is busily packing up her few treasured belongings and is very happy to announce that she has been chosen and her new home is all the way over the sea in Ireland :) ****

thank you


  1. I am trying to imagine what a chav hedgehog would look like...nope, I can't! Been looking at your Etsy sales as we are hoping to get a little cyber shelf soon. I love Ethel the hare. EE xx

  2. Does Cynthia have any sisters? She is gorgeous, you make the most beautiful stuff with such creative fabrics:) regards Karan

  3. This is so pretty.. Especially love the vibrant & cheerful bushy tail & the 'hope' reel drum she's holding. I bet her favourite food is colourful candies, not nuts. Hahaha

  4. they beat me to her!! boohoo!!!!


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