Sunday, August 11

vegan crumble cake

along with the arrival of my darling mama a few pots of the most delicious homemade jam appeared which left a rather sad, opened jar of shop bought jam sitting forlornly in the pantry..

even with my epic toast and jam eating skills i knew i would not get round to eating shop jam before it developed a head of mouldy hair so a spot of quickety quick baking was done..

honestly this is such a simple and quick cake to make and is gorgeous warm or cold.. we have ours with a generous glug of vegan cream.. yummo

{{ you will need }}

3 oz self raising flour
3 oz oats
3 oz sugar 
3 oz vegan spread
as much jam as you can fit in - i used just under a jar

{{ to do }}

mix dry ingredients in large bowl and then rub in vegan spread until crumbly

place just over half the mixture in a well greased cake tin - i used a 20cm sandwich cake tin and press down to form a base

spread with jam 

sprinkle on remaining crumbly mixture and leave unpressed

bake at 180 c / 350 f for about 30 minutes until lightly golden

leave to cool as jam will be super super hot

tuck in and enjoy

.. being a vegan is easy peasy :)


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