Thursday, November 7

bedn #seven

today i have been trapped indoors attempting to make things for the country living fair..
i am very blessed to have a chap who takes over when needed leaving me indoors having hissy fits over wire bird legs and pondering just how to attach reindeer antlers..
as i sit at the end of this day feeling tense, irritable, like a total failure, it has dawned on me that i am not a person that can be kept indoors for a whole day.
i become a loon, a caged animal, a grouchy old bag..
i need fresh air, wind, rain, mud, animal faces, horses to sniff...

so today's quest from #bedn was to list ten things 
below lies a list of ten things that have driven me stir crazy loopy today
brace yourselves for it sure is ugly...

#1 wire and having to bend and shape it in order to get six fricking papier mache birds to stand. i have no idea why i have found this so tricky today for i have done it easily so many times before?
and i stabbed myself with aforementioned wire and now have a bruised thumb.

#2 bags of crispy indian snack thingies and the fact that they are so so tiny. i have had to eat them with a soup spoon so that i could shovel enough in to declare them as lunch.

#3 the need to pee. the need to eat. both of these steal my time and make me leave the one warm room in this house.

#4 cat hair. on everything including stock. wretched.

#5 glue and the fact that i have it in my eyebrows. don't ask..

#6 lack of a butler/maid/skivvy that appears unasked and brings me decent food rather than the annoying dried indian snacks *see #2*

#7 the fact i have to make supper. again.

#8 the fact i have a hound that will steal forbidden food when i am in the same room. looking directly at him. he has no shame

#9 attaching fox arms to foxes whilst trying to eat supper, talk to my chap, stroke the dogs and generally believe i am a normal human being and not the crazy *been in the same clothes for 24hr* woman i seem to have become

#10 above all this is the massive annoyance that i am feeling all of this because of a fair. i vowed never to do this again. never to put myself under pressure to make as i know that is when sure as sure can be i will stop being able to make anything. anything at all, which is why i have been arsing around with papier mache and wire and antlers and foxes when i should be making ruddy pin cushions...

list done. rant over. time for ice cream :)


  1. Ah the promises we make to ourselves - i have done much the same, Best of luck!

  2. Bless your heart - and thank God for ice cream!

  3. Well, your small brown hare is very sweet. Hopefully your weekend is less 'crazy loopy'.
    Claire xx

  4. The glue in the eyebrows made me laugh. Sorry.

    Hope your day improved.

    Have you considered a dance break on days like those? I find those three minutes of dancing around the room like a loon definitely helps clear the cobwebs in my brain.

  5. Hi,

    I just came across your blog via the Handmade 365 on the Ted and Agnes blog...whilst eating (whole two person tub) of ice cream and feeding my baby girl, I read your list and thought, oh, what a day you were having, and also thought hurrah, there are other people who are in same clothes for 24 hours, and haven't got time to eat, etc. I hope that things got better.

  6. Love your list, I can really identify. What stress shows put us under!


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