Tuesday, November 5

bedn #five

remember remember the fifth of november...


the second day of early morning frosts

the first snow flurries seen up on the yorkshire moors - how long before it reaches us?

i made wire legs and lace wings for papier mache birds

i made the decision to find and order us both balaclavas despite the fear that we will look even more insane than we currently do

tallula had one of her barking days - it has been very testing

i made the soup that i blogged about yesterday using squash from my own mama and aunties allotment

left alone in the day i will eat peanut butter straight from the jar... ack

the panic that i have very very little stock finished for the fast approaching country living fair is starting to grow. i need to make some pennies for these animals. the drop in temperature will see the increase in demand for hay and concentrate. makers head down from today...

how was your day?


  1. i would sew some ears onto rhose balaclavas. Pointy fox ears, floppy labrador ears, wee cat ears or maybe some spectacular donkey ones. Fun. Miss Dog has barking days which make us tense and worried in case a neighbour objects. i think she may be going a little bonkers because she keeps forgetting I have fed her and looks ever so hopeful for a second dinner. X X X

  2. My day was good... I made wigs for fairies! Wish I could visit your fair...good luck and keep making those wings, I reckon they will fly. xx

  3. I'm so glad bonfire night is over. I have grown to hate the bangs as it upsets my animals so much (the cats more than the dogs!) x


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