Wednesday, November 6

bedn #six

oddly today's challenge is all about how we deal with stress
well today is a stress filled day and i am dealing with it badly..
awoke from a disturbed nights sleep, feeling weary, stomach ache all day and my horrid food phobias are rearing their ugly heads making me feel sick each time i try to eat..
so there we go. stress. i deal with it badly.

** picture is of no relevance at all but just looking at my beautiful, darling, precious niece makes my world a happier place **


  1. Oh no hope you feel better tomorrow - try to get an early night :)

  2. Not all days are good days are they.....I'm not a good dealer of stress either, and seem to find that simply dropping the lid to the milk is the straw that breaks the camels back. I try very hard to be grateful that I'm not lugging groceries up to the top floor of a council block of flats because the lift is broke, and that my house is warm and dry and my family is healthy. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. I hope tomorrow is better for you xXx

  3. Hope that tomorrow is a better day for you! It's horrid when you are stressed and even worse when you feel guilty for not dealing with it well! I know that feeling well!

  4. Sending you a hug is a new day xxx


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