Thursday, March 13


a few days ago i had an appointment at the doctors ..
a routine test showed something odd. i am hoping it is just odd and not a nasty odd
time will tell..

in order to distract myself as i was born to worry and i can already feel that my insides have turned to stone, my shoulders ache from the fact that they have been sat round my ears since friday, and my slightly grown nails are but a distant memory, i have been pootling...

pootling in the garden, for we do indeed have sunshine, and pootling around the house..
not actually achieving anything, not actually cleaning, just shuffling stuff around so it looks pleasing as i walk in to the room..

and hugging my small beings that little bit tighter


  1. Sending love, all will be fine x

  2. Hoping all will be well for you ... good luck. M x

  3. I'm the world's biggest worrier, but try not to dwell ... sending you much love, and hope all is well.

    Love Claire

    PS: you have a beautiful home xx

  4. All shall be well - and your home is lovely. Take care and trust.

  5. ooo darling i am so sorry you are worrying, there is no point telling you not to, i know that from experience! xxxxxx


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