Friday, March 14

life is just a series of waves and gusts....

 it really is.
just when you think you are bobbing along on a gentle wave, minding your own business, just about keeping your head above water, along comes an almighty gust and that once gentle wave engulfs you and the need to fight is back on...

last night we had to leave our precious mabel with the emergency vet. the 40 minute drive home clutching an empty blanket felt like hours

she is still there now some 14 hours later, medicated up to her eyeballs to keep her pain free, being assessed, previous notes being studied, the best plan of action being drawn up

my life feels as if it is on hold. i have to keep reminding myself to breathe as i am holding my breath so much in hope..

an operation two years ago that was clearly never really successful resulting in this now much larger problem. she may lose her leg.

i am a wreck, mabel is my constant shadow and friend and family.
i know many of you will think *she is just a dog*
i also know many more of you will totally understand...

all i can do is wait and try to figure out a way to pay towards this enormous vet bill. 
its funny what a sudden crisis does. those trinkets that have sat patiently waiting to be placed on my dusty Etsy shelves are now there...
those papier mache birds that i was certain i loved and could not part with. not ever. are sitting waiting for new homes..

for you see, i love my dog,, she is much more important than any possession..

for those that want to peek my etsy shop is here...
for those that asked if those paper birds were for sale and listened to me umm and ahh and make excuses..
. well they are up! 

{please, if you can, send some hope and wishes on the breeze for my mabel }


  1. Crossing everything and send love your way xx

  2. God bless Mabel! Dogs are family and hopefully you'll be able to pay in installments or something. I am so sad for you and your sweet doggy.

  3. Dear Tracy, I know exactly how you feel, and what you are going through right now. I have six rescued dogs, and although I do sometimes feel that now its me that needs rescuing, I love them all, not as animals, but as important members of the family. My fourth puppy, who is a Bedlington terrier crossed with something indefinable, fell off the sofa a couple of weeks after we got him, and started limping. Then he started flying around on three legs, apparently not in pain, but not actually using his left back leg. We got him to the emergency vets, and was told that his cruciate ligament had probably been damaged, and he would need a specialist orthopaedic consultation. Two unsucessful operations later, ( and he wasn't insured, so these had to be paid for ), I was told to take him home, and that he would probably need an amputation. As an ex-nurse, specialising in surgery, you might think I'd take this in my stride - not a bit of it ! I was absolutely distraught, and wept buckets, and like you, we looked around the house and thought, right - what can we sell ? And did. Two years on, he is the one of the miracles that make up the couple of percent of patients who confound the experts, and just get better. He still thinks he can fly, and is completely fearless so has to be watched like a hawk, but I've never forgotten the chilling horror of that time, and what you go through. I am praying that your little dog will be okay, but hope you can take some comfort from knowing that you got her to the right place at the right time, and that if she has a chance, you've given it to her. Sadly, this worry and grief you are going through now is the price you pay for loving them so much, and I know that I never take for granted now that my dogs are happy and healthy and such a huge part of my life. My thoughts are with you, and your little doggy family, and I'm praying that you will all be together again very soon. With lots of love, Linda.

  4. saw on fb she was home again still with her leg, so relieved and so so sorry you are in this patch of worry xxxxx


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