Wednesday, March 19


for the very early part of my childhood i did not have a dad of my own, but i had a grandad so everything was o.k. better than o.k, for my grandad was my whole world along with my nan.

grandad to me, and harry to others, was my stability, my home, my safety, my warmth, my security.. basically my everything.

he gave me laughter, hugs, days out to the seaside, chips on a friday, mini eggs  and as much ice cream as one small girl could eat..

today would have been his birthday, i guess it still is and always will be even though his family cannot see him, hold him,and  tell him how important he is to us all..
but it is still his day and it should be celebrated..

so along with the inevitable tears and sadness that has engulfed me today i have taken time to get outside in to the sunshine {yay!} with the doglets and have a good old chat to my grandad in the hope that i could feel  he was close by.
i may be all grown up but i still need him. i am sure he knows that.

so grandad of mine
wherever you may be
i hope that you have a great birthday 
and know that i adore you
always have. always will



  1. gulp!! hugs and beautiful post! tilly's birthday is tomorrow and also the day my dad died, so I too am going to walk through nature! xxxxxx


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