Friday, March 21

the past few days....

the day before yesterday was so lovely weather wise, almost the perfect sort of day, a few degrees warmer and i would have declared it spot on, but alas yesterday was bleak. cold. windy. wet.
the sheep had their backs to the worst of the weather, the chickens spent the day hiding under the trees and the goats stayed firmly in their barn beds.
today is sort of in the middle. not great but not hideous!
as for me? well i am still holed up with the miss mabel.
her supersonic leg looks good, no sign of infection and she can walk o.k on it for the length of a room already
we had a check up with the vet this morning and she is really pleased with the progress but she seems to have developed a bit of an anxiety issue.

she has always been my shadow, worried when i am not there, caught gazing out of the window longing to hear my car coming down the forest track, but lately, since the big op she really does not want me to leave the room. at all.

thankfully i have a very understanding farmer boy who is picking up the slack of me dropping all my regular outside chores. he is knackered but does not complain. he is a good egg in lots of ways...

i know i have to put a gentle stop to this new anxiety but i figured that i would wait until her check up with the vet this morning, once i know we are on track i will find it easier to be that tiny bit firmer with her. i hope.

the other doglets are being remarkable. i hardly see them as i am even sleeping in a separate room at night for fear that someone will land with a thud on the magic leg.
i grab a quick run outside with them when i can just as i did the day before yesterday - the pictures above are of my darling cricket xx
they are good in a crisis. 
i am blessed



  1. That is an awesome pic of Cricket. My love to Mabel and you all. :)X

  2. so glad the leg is mending well and that the sun shines even briefly for you. your dogs really are gorgeous x

  3. Go Cricket go! Look at him run!

  4. So glad Mabel is on the mend and you feel a little less anxious I hope she make a full recovery. Xxx


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