Tuesday, April 22

i do declare...

....that winter is finally gone!

there has been a real shift here over the last five days, warmer days, sunshine that i could feel the heat of burning through my clothes, and a definite feel of firmer ground under our feet - hallelujah!

i can always tell when the shift in seasons is set firmly in place as all the heavy laundry that piles up through the cold wet months is slowly but surely put through the washer and out on the line..
i flatly refuse to have the tumble dryer on more than is absolutely needed {pants and socks} or have wet washing hanging around making this already damp farmhouse even more miserable so blankets, cat beds, heavy sweaters all stack up until the weather turns..

now i have a mountain of clean winter laundry to try and squeeze into any nook and cranny i can find..

this week the plan is to fix up as many damaged dry stone walls as possible. the soay sheep have taken down so many lately. we are at a loss as to why they are so restless? one thought is that usually at this time of year they have babes at their feet, are in that happy glow of motherhood, watching that tiny new life every second, always ready to nudge it into a corner and stand firmly in front as protection..
but as we are not breeding any stock they are without little ones..
those mama's that gave birth last year still have their offspring firmly by their sides, still even after a year the bond is so strong between them. it makes my heart soar with happiness but then plummets as i think of the thousands of ewes that very soon will go through the trauma of having their offspring ripped away from them in order to feed greedy humans.
do not believe the farmers that tell you that the ewe forgets, that she will be fine, that its natures way.. the ewe never forgets. not ever.

so without the joy {and worry, and sleepless nights } of lambing this year it all feels a little odd around here, like something is most definitely missing, but it does at least allow us time to catch up on so many repair jobs, but i really miss the sight and smell of those little ones in the lambing barn - ack...

** footy note** why yes that is indeed a rather large goat wedged inside a duck house... jeez what will these goats of ours do next??!


  1. I'm so glad spring has arrived for you... It was a very hard winter here in the middle of the U.S. and we too, are enjoying the warmth of the days... Somehow, we thought they would never come... Loved your thoughts on the ewes and little ones. And I always enjoy your pictures!
    Val in Kansas

  2. Gawd i feel a little heartbroken after reading that! poor ewes!!! so glad the weather has turned by you...goodness knows i want you to have every little thing on your side! those goats! funnier i am sure from this side of the fence than yours xxx


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