Friday, April 25


on a dry day, and with whippets it *has* to be dry, i go on average about three dog walks per day, sometimes more, never less..
having six super fast, loopy, no fear of danger dogs i just cannot take them all together even though i would love to see it and it would make them so happy. 
quite frankly at my age i need to look after the old ticker and it simply cannot take the anxiety and worry i feel seeing them fly through the air whilst holding on to each others necks..

so, separate walks it is. i keep things fair by mixing up the pairings and if i am feeling particularly brave i will take the three girls together which is fine as mabel is still on lead walks only after leg latest leg operation.

one dog in the house however goes on numerous walks throughout the day, some with us but others are a solo affair.

george. george o'malley. wannabee sheep dog, finder of sheep, forest wanderer..

he starts his day by high tailing it out of the front door, up the drive and squeezes his tiny backside under the main gate. 
we used to worry about his solo expeditions and even went as far as to chicken wire the gate - he just leaped over the wall...
 seriously this tiny chap can clear a six foot stone wall with zero effort. we tried taking him out for early morning loo duties on a lead but he just looked up at us knowingly and refused to *perform* and then promptly *performed* in the house to punish us..
we gave up at this point and just accepted that he has to do his thing, be a lone ranger for part of his day, poop in the forest and not on his land... he is a curious fella...

his best pal badger is totally different. he likes to keep me within sight and smell at all times just in case, on the off chance, that a crumb of food may fall off my person. he is my hoover. my ever present goofy, lovable, huggable hoover...

the other four hounds walking stories i shall leave for another post - off to check the far sheep fields with george the long legged, whippety sheep dog x

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  1. Lovely whippies! They must be a sight at full speed. xxxx


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