Thursday, June 12

the shepherdess...

often my work depicts the time and the emotions i am going through and this piece is a mixed up old bag for sure!

the idea of a shepherdess holding her lamb close started forming in my head at one of the saddest heart wrenching times of my life..
deep in the madness of having a stand with my dear pal at the Country Living Fair last November, my most loved lamb chubster had to be put to sleep..
i was not with him, instead i was surrounded by hundreds of people in a massive hall full of noise..

i fell apart. literally

the noise, the heat, the rush of people suddenly caved in on me as my heart broke
never have i been so grateful for dear friends who picked me up and dusted me down but above all else hugged me close

once home the idea of the shepherdess sat and whirred around in my head but i could just not actually start the papery process until months later..

finally the shepherdess herself appeared quite quickly but she was plonked back on the shelf as i still could just not bring myself to make a tiny chubster lamb for her to hold..
and then one day i patched and pieced a white lamb together that looked nothing like my little lost boy using scraps of this and that gifted to me from my sue :)
i popped the newly made lamb in the careful arms of the shepherdess...
the fit was perfect
the shepherdess was done

a woolly hat and scarf, a much loved worn and darned dress and a lamb of her own
it is all any shepherdess needs
i should know.....

i hope you like her :)


  1. Love it.... She evokes so much caring.... Aren't friends wonderful when we need them....

  2. She is beautiful, and looks like she has a big heart, just like you.
    Thinking of you all, much love.

  3. I think she is just lovely.....and this little piece that you have written has bought tears to my eyes......I want to send you hugs from afar.....lamby hugs..x

  4. I do hope all the animals are ok - I think about them often. Please do keep us updated on their welfare.


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