Wednesday, July 16


a change as big as this was sure to throw me off balance but i have been surprised at how well i seem to have accepted, embraced and carried on..
our bodies and minds can cope with more than we think...

that's not to say that i have not had wobbly moments, there have been a good few of those for sure, but the chitter chatter of my darling niece and a hug from a family member washes the negative feelings away..
never underestimate the power of a small persons smile...

i am slowly adjusting to this new way of life, the ability to breathe slower, to have more time and head space of my own, to not be so physically active - its odd but in a good way..

stitching, making and creating has been slow. i think i need to get out and about and fill my creative mind up with new surroundings, artists and inspiration.
thankfully the town nearby has a thriving artist community and what looks like an amazing gallery - i will go in search of that soon - my mind is desperate for colour, shape and that makers kick up the backside!

 i hope to be around here more often too now that there is time in my day, i may have far less to chat about and the show and tells will certainly contain less beautiful animals {oh how i miss them} but i think it will be good for me
writing is therapy


  1. So good to hear from you... Take your time to settle in...
    Hugs to you!

  2. Welcome back Tracy ... You've been missed! Take it easy, and rest ... There is a time for everything xxx

  3. We will be waiting when you want to pop by. Well done for surviving. xxx

  4. hooray, and hoorah! Have missed you, and you will forever by my crazy goat lady, with or without a goat! x

  5. I am glad you are still blogging. I think getting words down does help.You are doing brilliantly my friend. :))))XX


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